08 Nov 2019
Thanks Rob!

Thanks Rob!

A long time friend, Rob Dresser is a believer and a passionate motocross racer in Northern California. Rob being the loving man that he is, decided to pay it forward and donate his Kawasaki 450 F to our Race School to use as a grand prize giveaway bike, for us to cover the operating cost for the next Race Academy coming up January 11, 2020.

In the last few years Rob has been going through health issues where the ministry has decided to come alongside him and support him. We created a shirt last year where the proceeds went to help support his medical expenses which he was greatly appreciative of.

And today I’m happy to say his health and wellness is on a uphill climb.
Visit our race academy page to enter to win this bike.

Rob with his amazing donation.
The MM bike you could win by visiting our Race Academy page.