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We deliver an opportunity to learn from the best through developmental racing skills than also improve overall affirmative skills in all aspects of life. We are principled in the concept of “exposure”, meaning our members/participants witness and experience variable but decisive situations, rooted in virtuous driven roles, with devoted role models that assist in every occurrence, and constructively influence/teach “decision making abilities” through each experience properly, uniquely relevant to each participant with purposeful positive outcomes always guided by Christ’s proven applicable wisdom.

Partnering with Motocross Ministry make better communities. Graduates of our Christian Mentorship programs have a proven record as better students, better families, better relationships, better citizens, better leaders and better workers. We are all products of our environment. Motocross Ministry is a great environment where great things happen.

Want to change lives? Motocross Ministry is unquestionably the right team to partner with. Why? Because you would be investing in the lives of young men and women in a consequential and tangible way. There is no way to measure just how widespread your pecuniary impact can be, but we know this much, these young people are the influencers and leaders of tomorrow. Together we can nurture and develop their fullest.

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Racing Academy - Learn From The Best