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Motocross Ministry introduces first-time riders & begginer racers to the exhilarating sport of motocross.

MM Race Academy offers the fundamental skill development tools for beginners to learn and master the art of racing a dirt bike in a controlled environment.


Race Academy

Next event: April 20th, 2024

Dirt Church

Church, without no walls!


Beginners ONLy!

This race academy is for first time riders and beginners only! This event is held in a safe and controlled race track environment. Friendly reminder for returning racers, we only have a limited amount of free bikes and gear that riders without bikes can use, so we highly recommended having a starter bike and gear to join unless you're cool with sharing and waiting your turn.

WHEN: April 20th, 2024
WHERE: Argyll MX @ Dixon
COST: $100 P/ Racer
WHO: For First-time riders & Beginners only!
AGE: 4-12 | Boys & Girls
TIME: 8:30AM Registration
CAMP RUNS 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Only 15 Spots Available

Mission Statement

To bring the power of faith to the dirt track. The primary goal is to touch as many hearts as possible and to ultimately provide the stepping stones on which a better life can be built for the underprivileged youth in the Bay area, everyone should feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

A Message From Kenn Kibby

Faith. Family . Motocross

Motocross saved my life through the help of a good friend, we started this race school to give every kid an opportunity to learn how to ride and race a dirt bike in a safe and controlled-environment. Our mission is to share the gospel while spreading the stoke of Motocross to children in Northern California. 

When our focus shifts from ourselves to others,

everything changes.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 

Thank you to all the action supporters

Fueling Faith on the Track

2024 Schedule

March 16
Glen Helen
125 Open / Dirt Church
April 20
Argyll MX
Beginners Race academy
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